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Just five rounds of action have been played this LaLiga season, but already Real Madrid find themselves seven points adrift of leaders Barcelona. Just a month ago such poor form would have been almost unthinkable, so what has gone wrong? Here are seven explanations for the stuttering start to Los .Spanish La Liga has been a two horse race for a very long time. For this, there are only two teams that have a realistic chance of winning the league almost every season, but for this season, and for one team, this chance has been growing with each passing match and every three points won. Seven days .Here, Guillem Balague takes a look at the reasons why. Real Madrid are the talk of La Liga after their dismal start to the campaign. Zinedine Zidane s side looked in perfect shape when they thrashed Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup in August, but they now sit seven points behind their rivals after just six .

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