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Alexander Polinsky was born on in San Francisco, California, USA as Alexander Niver Polinsky. He is an actor and producer, known for Charles in Charge , Teen Titans and Pumpkinhead II Blood Wings . Teen Titans Control Freak Computer Geek..Alexander Polinsky born is an American actor, voice actor, and singer who is perhaps best known for his role as Adam Powell on Charles in Charge. After the show ended, he has made TV, voice, and movie appearances, as well as working as a mold maker at a movie prop design studio. He works with .The latest Tweets and replies from Alexander Polinsky @Alex_Polinsky . Actor Emmy winning LostInOz TeenTitansGo @nickelodeon ResidentEvilVendetta CharlesInCharge Avatarism UnicornGangsta Onesie FwohaN. Los Angeles, CA..Charles in Charge s Alexander Polinsky is accusing his former costar, Scott Baio, ofual abuse. Polinsky, , has hired attorney Lisa Bloom to represent him and is scheduled to make a public statement on Wednesday, according to a press release shared on her Twitter account Tuesday. "Alexander .

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